Personalized menus, exceptional service

Trust us to cater your special day with our delectable and exquisite cuisine, from appetizers to entrees, and desserts, we have got everything to make your event a success.


Order Online

Wake up and smell the coffee

Gone are the days of having to call in or wait in line to place your order. Our restaurant now offers the convenience of online ordering through our website, making it quick and easy to get you what you want.


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    Sip, Savor, And Smile

    Our Coffee Brews Happiness
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    Espresso Yourself

    Fueling Your Daily Grind
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    Brew-Tiful Mornings

    One Cup at a Time

Black Owned Family Business Since 2005

A word from our founder

We’re passionate about coffee, people, culture and community. We don’t just feel like coffee is fuel for productivity, we believe that when done properly what ends up in your cup is the fulfillment of a farmer’s hard work and special care, the marriage of our roaster’s science and artistry, and our barista’s detail and personality. All together, culminating in something bespoke and individual for you to consume. So yeah, a bit more than just fuel for your day. As well, we believe that spaces for people to really connect and just be are being replaced by fast impersonal mass produced mediocrity. We aspire to be the opposite of that. When you visit us, we hope you’ll feel that difference. 

 One love, Edward



2834 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA


Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM